sound journals

When I was a kid, I journaled with a fervor of someone of expecting the world to end any moment, driven by an irrational fear of somehow getting amnesia and losing everything. As early as seven, I felt a strong desire to document my life experiences. I would spend two or three hours on the weekends describing every single detail of what had happened that week in chronological order, from what I ate that morning, to what my father had said to me in the car ride back from the grocery store, all the while trying to ignore the loud cramp in my hand.


I write in my journal much less now, however, it is undeniable that I am just as sentimental as I was when I was seven. I can't bear to throw anything away because of the "memories," I take photos of everything. Recently, I've started taking sound journals: brief and spontaneous voice memos from my everyday life. Walking on the street, in my room, while riding the train — Sometimes, I find these snapshots to be even more vivid than some of my favorite photos.


Below is a working list of my favorites.


Coming up the escalator at the Harvard red line station. An unexpected but harmonious duet — a preacher and a street performer.

Taken on a hot, December day in Manila. Celebratory trumpets and snippets of conversations in Tagalog outside Philippine General Hospital.



My favorite bird call - always reminds me of spring! (Side note: Also if anybody knows what bird this is let me know! Been trying to figure it out for years)


Some standard sounding waves at a resort at the Cayman Islands made much more interesting by the opera singer in swim trunks 15 seconds into the recording.

Singer at the Davis Square red line station with some **serious** vibrato.


Birds chirping outside my room while I was trying to take a nap.



Mid-morning police car sirens under the L while walking to Fulton Market District.

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