Playlists inspired by smells.


Steak, medium rare. White tablecloths and a crimson filled wine glass. Oak tables and cradled flames. Dinner in the city in late October and a stroll through the park.

Notes: Buttery, mellow, smoky


Beautiful songs with bitter undertones. For rainy days in the city.

Notes: Metallic, contemplative, flowing

Soft hair and lip gloss. A scent that is milky, soapy and sweet. 

Notes: Soapy, sweet, nutty


Banana Boat baked shoulders and barbecue smoke. The sun, sunken pink behind skyscrapers. The day's heat pressed into city streets, starting to peel itself off the ground in slow and loping waves.

Notes: Briny, rhythmic, satisfying

Low, musty and sweet. Reminiscent of homemade cider, or your favorite used bookstore.

Notes: Spicy, warm, musty


 Smooth vocals poured over sticky, crackly beats. Pancakes, cinnamon rolls, hash browns and bacon and eggs. The audible equivalent of your favorite brunch.

Notes: Sticky, upbeat, wet leaves


Shirley temple in a tall glass. Maraschino cherries on a toothpick. Banana split sundaes. Chocolate turtles. For standing in line at the ice cream shop, for swaying in the kitchen. Nostalgia in the late afternoon.

Notes: Sugary, flirty, hint of licorice


Your 10k running playlist. Hit your stride with some future bass, cool down with a little mid 2000's pop.

Notes: Electronic, bright, acidic

Your favorite sweater, hanging on a clothesline. Gently plucked guitars over a grassy field, dewy and dandelion studded. 

Notes: Lavender, lilting, delicate


Satisfying, upbeat, psychadelic pop. For fans of Electric Guest.

Notes: Punchy, sweet, catchy


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